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Gemini Photography

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What You Need to Know About Gemini Photography

Gemini Photography has been around for more than a decade, helping couples in Atlanta retell their love story through wedding photography services. Wedding photography is one of the critical components of wedding events. This is the reason why couples are often highly critical when choosing which photo supplier should cover one of the most important events in their life. Luckily Geminiti Photography, also known as Gemini and the Bear Photography, understand this. To give you some ideas about the highlights of the services they offer, check out the list below:

Services Offered by Gemini Photography

Wedding Photography

One of the primary services offered by Gemini Photography is wedding photography. Through the years, the company has covered various types of wedding themes and wedding photography styles. Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding you can be sure that the company has the necessary experience, skill and equipment that can help you capture the most memorable moments of your wedding.

Wedding Video

Aside from wedding photography the company also creates video production. Getting videography and photography service in a single supplier is not only economical, but is also highly useful for creating better and more creative output. The videographers and photographers can combine all their shots so they can give the highlights of the events more justice using their creativity.  Plus a package that includes both videography and photography services can save you a great deal of time when planning.

Photo Booth

Gemini and the Bear Photography also offers photo booth in wedding events. Photo booth is becoming a trend these days, allowing the guests to take home souvenir pictures that are themed based on the wedding. This gives your guests the chance to enjoy posing for silly and funny pictures during the event to help them capture the bubbly side of your wedding story.

Free Consultation

This is probably one of the best parts of dealing with the Gemini company. During the free consultation yo can raise some of your concerns and questions regarding the services that they offer. The team is also open for creating a custom plan based on your preferences on how you want your wedding photos and videos to turn out, which allow you to personalize their service on some levels.

The details provided here are just some of the wedding services that you can get from Gemini Photography. These are also some of the reasons why many people feel confident entrusting their unforgettable evening to the company.