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Wedding Photography in Atlanta

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Different Types of Wedding Photography in Atlanta

There are different types of wedding photography in Atlanta that you can use as a theme for your wedding photos. One of the many benefits of the new technology in photography has to offer is you get to enjoy more options.  Photographers can now integrate various special effects to help you capture the special moments in your wedding in a more dramatic fashion. To ensure that you get the most suitable type of wedding photography you must first get yourself acquainted with the different types of wedding photography. To give you some idea, here is a list of the most common types of wedding photography:

Types of Wedding Photography in Atlanta

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is the usual type or style of wedding photography. You have probably witnessed this in numerous weddings while growing up. Traditional wedding photography usually sticks to specific key points of the wedding outlining the event in a chronological order. All the people in the entourage and the guests are grouped in a specific way during picture taking to ensure that everyone is in the picture and that all the important parts of the wedding are properly documented.

Reportage Wedding Photography

This is another emerging type of wedding photography in Atlanta. In fact, numerous wedding photography companies like Gemini and the Bear Photography have this in their online portfolio. Many young couples prefer this style because of the natural and relaxed ambiance reflected in the photos. Photographers who use this type of photography take pictures without asking the subjects to strike a specific pose. This type of photography allows couples to spontaneously enjoy their moment and let the photographer spontaneously take pictures.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Another type of wedding photographyis the photojournalistic style or treatment. Professional photographers like that in Gemini and the Bear Photography use this method to highlight important parts of the wedding by focusing or capturing moments that show the general ambiance or emotion in the specific parts of the wedding. This allows the couples to vividly relive the moments of their wedding while browsing through the photos.

Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photography is usually preferred by couples who want to make their wedding pictures look elegant and timeless. Couples who pick this style usually prefer this to match the elegant and formal theme of their wedding or to get the vintage finish just like the way they do it in the 50’s.  

The details provided are just some of the most common types of wedding photography in Atlanta that you can choose from.