Solar Eclipse Filter in 10 min for under $10
DISCLAIMER :: I am not responsible for your sensor or gear if you choose to follow these instructions.  I DO NOT recommend this for glasses.

We are getting ready to take our camper out on the road for our first run this week.  Which also happens to be when the solar eclipse occurs.  I can only imagine the utter mayhem on the road ahead.  Anyway, Jenevieve and I are laying in bed this morning talking about the eclipse and how unprepared we are.  She begins to tell me that her mother had used foil balloons in the past to view the sun.  A thrifty genius she is.  Those balloons are made of mylar and that mylar can also be found in emergency blankets.  Mylar is what most filters are made of anyway, but you may have to layer it twice.  I grabbed some things from the house and put together a filter that will allow me to safely photograph this glorious experience.  I threw it all together rather quickly so I could share with my photog friends so please excuse the quality, haha.  Here we go!

- Emergency Blanket
- Krazy Glue
- Exacto Knife (Not Shown)
- Soup To Go Container Lid ( The lid worked better than the actual cup )

Lay down the lid and place you lens in the center of the lid.  Draw and outline of the lens and cut out center with your xacto knife.  It shoudl fit on the end nice and snug.

Cut out a large piece of your blanket, stretch it out, and tape it down to a surface you can cut on.  

Place a thin layer of Krazy glue on the rim and flip it over to lay flat on the mylar.  Let it sit and then take the Xacto knife and cut along the lid.

And that is it!  I actually put two layers on cause I wanted the extra protection. The photo below is with two layers of the mylar.  I will probably end up making another one with just one layer for the total eclipse.  Have fun and would love to see some of your pics in the comment maybe?  Enjoy and have a great viewing!

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