Ocean City and all it's Character

What can I say about Ocean City?  Well it was...interesting.  An entire community that seems to be built on airbrush t-shirts, french fries, and orange crush.  When you are in a city trying to find that random dive bar, that won't happen in OC.  That is all you are gonna find here.  This place has character.  Every corner is your random dive bar and restaurant.  One in particular is the home of the Orange Crush, The Bearded Clam.  Not only do you have to try their signature drink, but make sure to ask the bartender about the stories of the crazy shit that goes down there.  The wife won't even allow me to write about them they are so ridiculous.  The board walk is almost like going to a fair, but not to be done without a trip to Thrashers for their famous french fries.  Even the small is more than I could handle.  

There is a strange amount of foreign workers imported in to the city to work along side the leathery die hard locals that cruise the strip.  We did not get explore much of Ocean City since we were called in to work the week long OC Bike Fest.  The streets are filled with every walk of life possessing two wheels and a loud grumbling motor between their legs.  

The city is filled with over 100,000 friendly bikers looking for good music, good food, making new friends, and snagging some custom gear from their favorite brands.  While the wife was managing production for the festival I took what chance I had to find a couple spots.  

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